At RESO, we offer an incredibly wide range of standard manufactured components and parts from numerous manufacturers. These standard parts can be customized with your branded logos, colors and packaging. Everything is manufactured here in Asia and shipped in the most cost-effective solution for you, your distributors and clients. At every stage of this process, we carefully QC all elements, from production and printing all the way until final packaging.


Alternatively, if your needs are more custom or specialized, we can assist you in every step of the way. Let us know your needs and expectations for your product and we can help with design, R&D, sampling, etc.
We have virtually unlimited resources for building and creating designs. Additionally, we have access to numerous techniques of 2D and 3D prototyping and sampling before the production process even starts.
At RESO, we pride ourselves in client relationships and confidentiality. We only work with select vendors that share these same ideals.
Just tell us your needs and expectations are and we will do our absolute best to fulfill your dreams.

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