Quality Control

At RESO, we understand that our clients put a lot of trust in us. We understand that you are not always available to travel and perform QC or safety testing on your products. Quality control and safety testing are some of the most important jobs that we have here at RESO. We go out of our way to insure that your product is everything you expect it to be.
We have an eye for detail and the experience to deal with any unexpected surprises.

Shipping and Warehousing

A complete, safe and cost-effective warehousing, product tracking and shipping plan is essential for successful products. We can arrange both short or long term secure warehousing facilities for all of our clients.

Contact Info

  • No.9, Aly. 13 Ln.285, Zhongxing St.,
    Taichung 40360, Taiwan
  • TEL / +886-4-23295690
  • FAX / +886-4-23295691
  • info@reso-int.com